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Come About for Murder
A Mellingham Mystery featuring Chief of Police Joe Silva by Susan Oleksiw
Hale Street Press (June 13, 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-0997352023

Deb Connolly drowns after falling overboard on an afternoon sail and her husband commits suicide two days later. Annie Beckwith is distraught over the loss of her sister and her sister's husband, and tries to get on with her life. Chief Joe Silva and the other authorities don't doubt the report of Deb's sailing partner, Cecily Harris, a woman known to be afraid of the water and unfamiliar with sailing. But a sharp eye at the marina where the sailboat has been dry-docked discovers evidence of tampering with a key piece of equipment, and the accidental death no longer seems so obvious. In the idyllic setting of Mellingham, Annie Beckwith decides to get to know her sister's neighbors better in the hope of learning something that will help her understand Deb's death. Chief Silva wants to know who tampered with the sailboat and why. Mellingham is beautiful in the summer and this year Joe's stepson, Philip, wants to learn to sail. Joe rents a small boat and teaches the boy how to sail and the rules of the water. Philip is a natural on the water, and this turns out to be a very good thing when he finds himself sailing for his life.

Last Call for Justice
A Mellingham Mystery featuring Chief of Police Joe Silva by Susan Oleksiw
Hale Street Press, November 2012

Chief Joe Silva plans a long weekend visit with his family, taking his partner, Gwen, and her daughter, Jennie, along. Joe's father, in his nineties and ailing, has insisted on bringing everyone together for one last family reunion. He even managed to persuade the two youngest, who went west and started new lives. The patriarch has plans to heal an old wound but the family ends up facing a new crime, and Joe works feverishly to catch the killer before even more damage is done.

A Murderous Innocence:
A Mellingham Mystery featuring Chief of Police Joe Silva by Susan Oleksiw
Five Star Mystery, April 2006
ISBN 1-5941-4375-7

Joe Silva confronts the high cost of modern medicine and the new legal but lethal drugs seeping into Mellingham and even his own new family. The fifth in this highly rated series portrays the dark side of the perfect town, and the suffering behind the gated walls.

Friends and Enemies
A Mellingham Mystery
Thorndike/Five Star, 2001; Worldwide, 2003
ISBN 0-373-26457-7, $5.99

Graduates are descending on Mellingham for the 25th high school reunion, and several of them are bringing trouble. Eliot Keogh is looking for the man or woman who was responsible for sending his father to prison many years ago. Becka Chase is facing painful disillusionment and perhaps even the loss of her marriage when a neighbor makes a clumsy pass at her. Then Vic Rabelard, the neighbor, is found unconscious, his wife missing, and no one knows where she's gone. Joe Silva enters a tight-knit world where loyalty carries a high price for everyone.

Family Album
A Mellingham Mystery
Scribner, 1995; iUniverse, 2000
ISBN 0-595-14777-1, $12.95

The Arbella Historical Society is rife with tension these days, even before George Frome was found murdered in the attic, surrounded by old paintings. The list of suspects is long, including Kelly Kuhn, an independent art dealer who is slowly sinking into debt, and just about everyone else who had ever dealt with the acerbic Frome. But Frome's death isn't the only worry for Mellites. Joe Silva is concerned about one in particular, Gwen McDuffy, a young mother recently returned to Mellingham.

Double Take
A Mellingham Mystery
Scribner 1994, iUniverse 2000
ISBN 0-595-14778-x, $15.95

Preston Mattson has spent his career teaching in an out-of-the-way art school, never having to confront his failures until adult student Hank Vinnio shoulders his way onto campus, disrupting classes and everything else with his sly and cynical style. Mattson and a lot of others are relieved with Vinnio is found dead until Joe Silva decides his death wasn't an accident.

Murder in Mellingham
A Mellingham Mystery
Scribner 1993, iUniverse, 2000
ISBN 0-595-14780-1, $16.95

Beth O'Donnell is as intensely disliked as her brother, Howard, is admired. Her visits to his family in Mellingham are, blessedly, short and intermittent, but this time she seems to have gone too far in her insults. Her death in a small cottage behind Howard's home suggests one of her casual barbs hit a deadly nerve. Joe Silva explores the other part of Mellingham where everyone expects friend or neighbor to be rich, discreet, and above suspicion.


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